January 11, 2017.

In India, a name such as Rummy Sharma would be hard to miss. More so for the party goers and initial converts to the electronica magic in the capital city of New Delhi.

Rummy is often credited as the pioneer of Techno in India. He was also the rst and the only Indian to have played at the prestigious Love Parade Festival in 2006.


26 November, 2016.

DJ Rummy spent the decade educating and acting as the catalyst of the electronic music culture.

For the last released single ‘Meera’, DJ Rummy continued to incorporate Indian sensibilities to his own sound, a sound that he owes to the Berlin’s evolving culture in the mid-90s.


October 17, 2016.

Rummy Sharma has been a part of the industry since 1992 and is undeniably a stalwart in the music scene. He’s played at amazing venues all around the globe and is going to continue winning people over with his music for many more years to come.


28 August, 2013.

Recognized as one of the oldest and most cherished of Delhi DJs, Rummy Sharma has played at some of the most cult clubs of the city and the world.

He is winning accolades in the international Electronica circuit with his new single titled ‘Wade in the Water’ with Iranian maestro Namito, an outstanding club track pegged as ‘again a true international masterpiece’. The track hit the DMC TOP Ten mark within a day of its release.


January 2, 2011.

Two decades of experience behind him and performances at the most happening clubs around the world – Buddha Bar (Dubai), Roxy (Prague), Airport Club (Wurzburg), Zouk (Singapore), Berlin Love Parade.