Rummy Sharma

Music producer – DJ – Consultant – Professional teacher


International music producer and DJ with almost 30 years’ experience in studio and on stage, Rummy Sharma is one of the most renowned Indian techno/underground artists.

Ever since he began his career in 1991, he has been able to hit international charts (Labels: Blu Fin, Tronic Music, Neuhain Recordings, Kling Klong, Love Harder, Wonne Musik, Circle Music, Muller Records, Natura Viva, etc.). He has also earned a commendable position as the first Indian to ever be rated at the world’s biggest underground music festival, The Love Parade, Berlin.

After living for more than twenty years between Berlin and Delhi, he moved to Bordeaux in France. Rummy has very strong ties in these three major cities, he splits his time between the European scene and India and is a regular in world famous venues. To name a few: Tresor, Watergate, Sisyphos, Palais, die Kantinne, Suicide Circus, The Woods, Chalet, and many more.

Rummy also passes on his passion for music by training new talents. He founded the first DJing school in India in 1994 (Studio Bakers) and shared his know-how with nearly 300 students in Asia. In France, at Bordeaux and Paris, Rummy also taught practice-oriented modules at 3iS, the first European audiovisual campus, and gives private lessons.

Berlin – Bordeaux – New Delhi